Treating for Better Days and a Stronger Disability Claim

Disability is the inability to engage in substantial gainful activity due to a physical or mental impairment. Consistent treatment is the key to improving your health and winning your Disability claim. Consistent treatment is often a shortcoming in peoples’ claims, especially those suffering from mental health concerns. Whether it’s due to a frustration for lack of improvement, or some other reason, claimaints suffering from mental health disorders often lack a sufficient treatment history to prove their claim. When you have been diagnosed with a severe mental health disorder, first and foremost, consistent treatment helps you reach maximum improvement. With regards to your Social Security Disability claim, consistent treatment generates records that evidence the severity of your condition. The type of treatment matters too! People suffering from mental health disorders are best served by a counselor and a psychiatrist. If you are suffering from a severe mental health condition, you should talk to your primary care doctor immediately about a referral to speak with a counselor and a psychiatrist. Consistent treatment with a counselor and psychiatrist will allow you to work towards better days where your conditions are more manageable. Your consistent treatment with a specialist will also generate the evidence necessary for Social Security to properly weigh the severity of your condition, and award you a benefit. Call Sutterfield Law Offices today for a free consult with an experienced attorney.